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Living at The Residence of 8 Park Road Yorkville


Welcome to 8 Park Road

Home ownership is an exciting and rewarding experience.  We would also like to emphasize, however, that it is also an ongoing responsibility.  Your home requires some effort on your part and by taking the time to properly care for this major asset; it will continue to look its best for many years to come. 

The following sections have been designed to answer the questions you may have regarding
maintenance and other items of interest and concern.  If you are having difficulty in setting up your Insuite Security System, review the details listed under "Building and Suite Security."  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the management office.

Management  TEL: (416) 944.8908  FAX (416) 944.9435

Del Property Management office is located on the Sky Lobby of 8 Park Road, right across from the Concierge’s desk. Jill Mark is the Property Manager. While the office is open Monday to Friday, the manager may be out of the office in performance of their duties.  Please contact the Concierge to contact the manager during business hours or after hours for an emergency.

ConciergeTEL: (416.944.9560)
Concierge is responsible for access control of all guests to the property. 8 Park Road enjoys a 24-hour Concierge who is ready and willing to assist you. Should you be involved in leisurely interaction or conversation with Security Personnel, please keep in mind that their primary task is the security of your community's residents.


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